Sabtu, 02 April 2016

Poems by Evangeline Joy

This space,
between sheets

skin on skin
     scent of sleep

just heartbeat
    and life being.

It's a universe

     (we are


Perhaps we can't  
We can't Have anything
Anything at all
When what is wanted
Becomes undesired
At the point of attainment

I reached for it:
Flower growing in
hidden space,
Petals of flame
Shining amber-scarlet
Everything lovely,
Aroma of need-
But, with single grasp,
Crumbling to ash
At scorched fingertips
Now, with tender hands
Pressed to salt-stung lips
I turn away
A final
Glance, backward
At charred seed left behind
In shadow crevices
Illusion's offspring:

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